Karen Webster is a Iyengar Yoga teacher who began running classes from a studio in Bournemouth some twenty years ago. She has broad experience working with clients who have suffered childhood trauma. Karen also has an R.S.A. in counselling and one of her key concepts is to create a safe place for students to practise yoga and mindfulness. She considers mindfulness a huge part of her daily life, and incorporates this into her teaching.

In April 2017 Karen graduated as Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator which, in combination with her counselling skills, has enabled her to broaden the offer of her yoga based therapies.

What is the difference between practicing mindfulness and becoming mindful?
It is all a question of noticing. It is about noticing what you feel, pausing, noticing your thoughts then choosing the best action required for any situation.
As you embrace this you can become a Human Being as opposed to struggling as a Human Doing


April 11th, 2021|News|

Results of a four year study show that Trauma Sensitive Yoga can be a more effective tool than CBT in addressing post traumatic stress disorder in military veterans.  Logic dictates that this should also be the case when applied those still in service and moreover to those in similar front line traumatic roles such as our own emergency services. [read more...]

Reviews on the TSP

July 2nd, 2020|Reviews, Thoughts|

“Before commencing on the TSP programme, I regularly practiced Yoga, but more so as a way to maintain strength. I found work a challenge, and wasn't able to process my feelings. Since starting TSP and participating regularly, I have found that I am more in control of all of my emotions, not just work feelings. Importantly I can process [read more...]

Pause for Thought

June 10th, 2020|Thoughts|

As we have looked at how traumatic experiences of our patients can get internalised within us, and sometimes past childhood painful experiences can also effect us, this is where we can feel like we are losing our minds when the pressure is on. Like we know that when our belly’s grumble, the brain picks up that signal to then [read more...]

COVID-19 and the TSP

April 5th, 2020|News|

Coronavirus has hit the Trauma Stewardship Programme for the critical care team at Bournemouth NHS at a time when it is needed most. WhatsApp and Zoom are being used for continued coaching of staff members who are even more exposed in the frontline.

Telltale Top Ten

March 28th, 2020|Techniques, Thoughts|

There are many symptoms of health issues such as secondary trauma, anxiety and depression. Here are ten of the most common.  These often become part of our lives for which we develop coping strategies, which can be harmful in themselves, as opposed to addressing the causes and dealing with them appropriately.

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