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“Before commencing on the TSP programme, I regularly practiced Yoga, but more so as a way to maintain strength. I found work a challenge, and wasn't able to process my feelings. Since starting TSP and participating regularly, I have found that I am more in control of all of my emotions, not just work feelings. Importantly I can process my feelings and deal with them in a safe way. I can appreciate and notice when I’m getting stressed or upset at work, which means I can do something about it. When I have time away from the TSP, I miss the support, I miss the feeling of inner calm, and the feeling that I can keep doing my job properly.” Jenny  (Senior Physiotherapist - NHS Critical Care Unit) “Since starting the TSP sessions I have become aware of how my body use to tense up when I was stressed [read more...]

1-2-1 Session Really Useful


My 1-2-1 session with Karen was really useful. She is great at quickly identifying things that have motivated us to do the jobs we do, and how past experiences can lead us to choose our specific jobs. For example I became aware that some of my childhood needs were not met, but those needs are met whilst caring for my patients. Understanding why i've chosen this kind of work has really helped me understand more about who I am. I loved the TSY yoga sessions - she's a brilliant teacher. The relaxation session before bedtime is amazing: I slept really well for the first time in weeks!! Rosanna ITU Physiotherapist Bournemouth Hospital

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