As we have looked at how traumatic experiences of our patients can get internalised within us, and sometimes past childhood painful experiences can also effect us, this is where we can feel like we are losing our minds when the pressure is on.
Like we know that when our belly’s grumble, the brain picks up that signal to then tell us it’s time to eat!
If traumatic feelings emotions are trapped within us , over time this can produce an overwhelm of signals to our brains which can lead to that feeling of not knowing who we are . Plus if past painful emotions are triggered so many of us have a much higher response to certain scenarios whilst at work, which can then make us feel our much loved jobs have become unbearable!!!

If our interoceptive part of our brains cannot figure out what the body is feeling and trying to tell us ,then it’s perfectly normal to feel that we are losing our minds at times! It’s also normal for us to shutdown withdraw amongst many other strategies.
TSY plus all of our other interventions will help us feel what we feel and know what we know in the present moment!