“Before commencing on the TSP programme, I regularly practiced Yoga, but more so as a way to maintain strength. I found work a challenge, and wasn’t able to process my feelings. Since starting TSP and participating regularly, I have found that I am more in control of all of my emotions, not just work feelings. Importantly I can process my feelings and deal with them in a safe way. I can appreciate and notice when I’m getting stressed or upset at work, which means I can do something about it. When I have time away from the TSP, I miss the support, I miss the feeling of inner calm, and the feeling that I can keep doing my job properly.” Jenny  (Senior Physiotherapist – NHS Critical Care Unit)

“Since starting the TSP sessions I have become aware of how my body use to tense up when I was stressed at work and even outside of work. My breathing would also be shallow, sometimes hardly breathing properly at all.  Now that I am aware of this, I have learnt to breath through my nose to regulate my breathing, and to relax my posture, shoulders back and down. This has had a positive effect on how I feel and I now feel less stressed. The 4 part breathing technique that Karen has taught me has been really helpful. Speaking to Karen 1:1 about my past experiences as a child, has also helped me look at situations in a different way, and it has shown me how past can effect the present. I’m still working on this.” Lauren (NHS Critical Care Nurse)

“My 1-2-1 session with Karen was really useful. She is great at quickly identifying things that have drawn us to choose our chosen professions, but also how those reasons for choosing our professions could be effecting us both negatively and positively. I’ve repeated some of the things she said to myself over and over and found them really helpful.  I love the TSY Yoga sessions-she’s a brilliant teacher. I love the relaxation before bed class this is amazing. I slept well for the first time in weeks after this” Rosana (Physiotherapist – NHS Critical Care Unit)

“I found the TSY/TSP sessions a good way to unwind my body, mind and spirit which helped take me away from the stress and sadness i experience whilst working in ITU. The ever spinning wheel and never time to get off….. or not knowing how to self care. But the times I did manage to get off and attend the TSY sessions (which unfortunately was not often enough) it was Fab!!! I’ve managed the yoga and positions much better than I actually anticipated and actually surprised myself and love to continue with it when the opportunity arises. The best part of the trauma sensitive yoga session was the relaxation programme towards the end, however I loved how my body talked to me the next day and reminded me that I’m still ALIVE and not just a robot functioning motionless!!!!!  Yep and I practised my breathing not only in stressful situations at work, but also when I got stuck in traffic on the motorway!!!!! Thanks Karen LOVED IT!!!” Esmarie (NHS Critical Care Nurse)

“I experienced a lot of anxiety in the past which I shared with Karen which was totally confidential in our initial 1-2-1 session prior to starting onto the TSY sessions team building etc. I left the unit for several months after finishing the programme but then returned to the unit this time I feel very different, much better. During the program I learned to be able to take that step back to just think about my feelings, about my breathing, instead of ploughing ahead regardless, and this has become an invaluable tool for me that I continue to use. I also found the Yoga post night shift amazing. I was always relaxed afterwards.” Martine  (NHS Critical Care Nurse)